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Has the Most Common Marijuana Test Resulted in Tens of Thousands of Wrongful Convictions? |

    If anyone’s busted for marijuana, rightly or wrongly, the validity of the field test used can be called into question. The Duquenois-Levine test used is non-specific (reacts to about 1/3 of plants tested in one study) and thus is basically useless.    
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The Obscure Animal Compendium ~Companion Blog~: The Alphabet continues! Previous letters: A

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4th Degree Black Belt Test, American Kenpo Karate

    wow, this was really interesting. this guy looks like a really good guy and i bet he’s a great instructor. some of the techniques were pretty cool as well. but i’ve got to say that i really appreciate the testing i went through for the ranks of black. it’s not a black belt test without blood, sweat and puke (imho).    
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Scuba Divers Find 3,000 Year Old Remains of Extinct Monkey

    heh…sea monkey :-)    
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Jennie Finch Retires From Lists Of World’s Hottest Female Athletes

    My heart broke and then I realized it was Teh Onion.    
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‘The Expendables’ Super Toon Mashup Trailer

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RSA Animate – The Secret Powers of Time

    yep, pretty good.    
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How to seduce a Hipster

    one more should do the trick    
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Uganda’s First Action Movie Trailer |

    who killed captain alex?    
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Storm Golf Tournament.docx

    Jimmy/ Rosie check this out……    
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